Stanley Lieber (stanleylieber) wrote,
Stanley Lieber

Causality Reported


Causality Refuted
by HC

I thought number 1 was very interesting, and I liked it a lot! It reminds me of waching Men.In.Black. I was particularly fond of #s 2 and 3.

#4 reminds me of cocoa beach. It has a happy feel to it.
#5 had a real modern feel, and it is my fave.

I thought #6 was sorta wierd. I like it a whole lot!!! It was a 2nd fave!

O.K. sorry, I have to swich Postwar Era to 3rd and What Goes On to 2nd this song is sweet!!! DAT, AND A BAGGA CHIPS! Crash is a realy cool song. The first thing that came to mind was an airport. It made me think of playing TONY HAWK 3! Wich is the worlds best PS2 game EV-ER!

O.K. I gotta tell you that I started to fall asleep on #9! and #10. They are so soothing when you are tired!

Ego Death kinda frigged me out, but I love that song! I don't know why it reminds me of hallows eve! Probably cause it has the word death in it. Hehe!
I absoloutly love #12! I love it!
I (Did myself a favor) by listening to this CD!

Love, your sister,

Halie Claire




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