September 7th, 2009



Written and illustrated by stanlylieber

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Six years into this project, I give up.

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to reconnect with that self who... cared to explain.

abandoned taoc pages, circa 2005

The cruelty serves nothing and no one. A human being cannot be talked into, or out of, anything. People are going to do what they're going to do. Opportunists position themselves to reap the rewards of the illusion of causality.

Thomas is not that guy.

from actron #242, circa 2006, still in progress

Actron was created in 1986 by me and my cousin Brandon. We never explored his early life in those comics we made back in grade school. In fact, we picked up his story at age forty-seven. The very first issue featured Actron/Thomas being brought back to life after a full career as an adventurer. His friends and teammates missed him very much.

from actron vol. 1, #1, circa 1986

My ongoing prose novel, 1OCT1993, explores much of Thomas' childhood, and provides some background for the events of The Abandonment Of Cruelty. Though I like to think each small piece of the story can also stand on its own. As an exercise in texture, if nothing else.

As I say, explaining anything verbally is useless. And I've explained with the best. Nowadays, I find fiction much more interesting than grasping at control.

Sorry, Mom.