August 27th, 2005

anais disappointed in you

The Diary 08.27.05

Augment '68

1:40, 1.6mb

Oplocromodalization. Edited 08/27/05.

Listened to while editing: Depeche Mode, Some Great Reward

Audio taken from Doug Engelbart's 1968 NLS demonstration, broken up into eighteen files by manually selecting snippets with mouse, assigning filenames 1-9 and a-n.

Generated random string of characters (numbers and letters) using openssl command:
    openssl dsaparam 1024

Which produced this (simulation):
    MIIBHgKBgQCZtLiPVeNmv98bvGxGs8gn8gkVOLsyu+jrpEksTxedmJhu+mXcDMie AXiPoQaScAYMudKxQBoPsk5iC+qrP58LSP4gvEneCM900dFLVzu19JPcvMdvbSJJ rG/AtA+Vm+3FobC86DvbV3ifbtq2WRL7fCWer7GaMaK3SxWlR871LQIVALS+Oxto HcvuhLm1zMm1ar3ZUheNAoGAAkkZ21tfvIKwMY0OJxAGb75ix8ICsXQ5E+CiZyiF Ui7j9xkGvfg4x+Hm0y3gk6fPUSOSfFGgWMw5yIsM8j57LG1VPRvY34JeW+8+2aL4 zkvFhCwXSzmVyIbdv3GZj98GiHbLuN5QNQbO9IjImwy/v1lgXMYd/sDkNmA6le/9 uD8=

Took first line of output and arranged sound snippets into same order as random characters according to filename, skipping files I didn't have (o-z).

Manipulated further in Adobe Audition and Audacity software packages, offsetting multiple simultaneous copies of the same base recording (assembled above) slightly, and applying various transforms.

Other techniques applied and sounds mixed.


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