August 10th, 2005


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'It could be argued that LiveJournal represents a semi-private sphere, a safe space of enclosure which came about as a means of resisting a male-dominated social environment: the open issue-blog link economy, based on point-scoring and demolishing an opponent’s opinion, in the name of learned authority. Within the semi-private LiveJournal sphere, issues of authority and control are not only practised, but evaluated and commented on in a group setting. This explains why the LiveJournal community is treated with such scorn by other bloggers. Blogging signifies the extension of networking and linking, but also that of controlling and excluding; however the second part of the equation is not usually acknowledged in male-dominated blogspace. LiveJournal reveals what lies behind blogging’s ‘participatory’ and ‘democratic’ rhetoric, and must, accordingly, be ostracized.'

-- Mathieu O’Neil, Weblogs and Authority