July 20th, 2005

anais disappointed in you

The Diary 07.20.05

Fucking A Girl That Was Born In The '80s

3:40, 5.2mb

Oplocromodalization. Tracks recorded 1997. Edited 07/20/05.

Listened to while editing: Kate Bush, The Hounds of Love; Brian Eno, Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks

From WikiPedia.org:

Versailles was the unofficial capital city of the kingdom of France from May 1682 (King Louis XIV moves the court and government permanently to Versailles) until September 1715 (death of Louis XIV and regency, with the regent Philippe d'Orléans returning to Paris), and then again from June 1722 (King Louis XV returns to Versailles permanently) to October 1789 (King Louis XVI forced to move back to Paris by the people of Paris). During the entire period, Paris remained the official capital city of France, and the official royal palace was the Palace of the Louvre, but in practice government affairs were conducted from Versailles, and Versailles was regarded as the real capital city.


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