June 2nd, 2005


A fifteen minute break as a fire in the C.O. is put out

Bright White Rain

12 seconds, 348k, .3gp format

(should play in RealPlayer or VLC)

I'm sitting in the men's room playing Columns on my phone when the lights go out and an alarm sounds. This is actually par for the course at this time of night, so I ignore it and finish my game before returning to my desk and resuming work.

As I exit the w.c., I notice that all of my co-workers are gathered at the side entrance to the building, clutching their purses, cross-stitch bags, etc. Turns out the place really is on fire.

Outside, I shoot this video and these pictures.

Within about fifteen minutes we're called back inside, so that my co-workers and my boss (I'm a little over half the average age, at 27) may commence spending the rest of our shift talkin' them Westbonics and swooning over how "hot" (get it?) the firemen were.