February 24th, 2005


The Diary 02.24.05

Photo snatched from somewhere on the Internet, I didn't investigate the site.


A Rough Draft

4:10, 6mb

Live studio recording performed in 'white heat' 02/24/05; edited bookishly 02/24/05.

For 2005, in The Diary, I shall endeavor to post an
original sound recording once per week.

Each piece shall consist of a disconnected fragment of melody, rhythm, etc.,
et al, conjoined by the merest of conceptual threads; at the end
of the year, all of these entries shall be gathered into a single
sound-collage and released as a collection. What order the recordings
are listened to in will probably not be important.

I do still keep up a handwritten journal, but lost in my deepest thinking,
the patterns that develop might perhaps be communicated more efficiently
through sound.

Since 1994 I have kept these diaries for myself. Now, I invite you into
the 'pages' to share in my sorrowful accumulations.

Let us explore!


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