February 19th, 2005


Hegel, Tulpa


Hegel, Tulpa

11:29, approx. 17mb

I sit at my desk at work and I do things I shouldn't. I don't actually work. Well, I don't actually work at the tasks of my job. What I do instead is everything else.

Last night, I fired up an SSH session and tunneled through the office web-proxy to my laptop at home, with VNC. Now, this gives me an 8bpp color display of my laptop's screen, but doesn't give me any sound. Not allowing that to deter me, I resumed my VirtualPC session and began to dicker with a number of sound snippets in Adobe Audition.

I had prepared a number of samples, each labeled clearly and organized into a work folder. I was also familiar enough with my tools to know the approximate effect on each sample of the various plugins and transform functions of Adobe Audition. Within these parameters, I begin to cut, fold, manipulate and mix.

After a few hours (network lag as well as slow processing time inside VirtualPC slowed the process considerably), I arrived at what my abstract calculations deemed a finished product. I compressed the resulting .wav into an .mp3 and uploaded it to my website.

I downloaded the .mp3 to my PC at work and plugged in my headphones.

See link above.

Arbeit Macht Frei / side b is finished. Completed collection to be posted later.

Listened to while sound editing:

Miscellaneous Can tracks, Darren Staloff lecture - "Hegel's Philosophy of History"