January 23rd, 2005


Arbeit Macht Frei / side a


Arbeit Macht Frei / side a

01. The Empire Never Ended 34 minutes, 48mb
02. July 4, 1996 9 minutes, 13mb
03. Salience 1 minute, 2mb
04. The Copenhagen Interpretation 8 minutes, 11mb
05. This Was A Mistake 5 minutes, 8mb


Songs finished this week and illustration finished just now, before I posted this. I figure this is good music to draw to (that's what I've been using it for, anyway).

As soon as I get some time I will build a web page for this collection with more information on it (including booklet and tray insert art). For now, please try to enjoy the songs.

There will be a 'side b' -- eventually.

this work is released to the public domain