January 16th, 2005





collaboration: ->
top two cards by ajs, bottom left card by ae3, bottom right card by sml


ajs, ae3 and i dashed off many of the major arcana last night, in between filling in four-panel grids (architected by ae3) and three-panel collections of circles (engineered by ajs) to be released later in the year as a daily phone comic strip.

then something struck me, and i decided to complete a full tarot set by myself, to be comprised of comic book creators and characters. i figure, if you're gonna read tarot cards, you might as well make your own set. other people aren't so stubborn. for them, i will share. this set will be built into a cgi program/mailling list. subscribers will be able to send an e-mail to a special address, and receive a return-message containing their special comic book tarot reading.

it is important that these are not thought out too completely, or labored over too intensely. they are sketches.

more as i complete them.