January 10th, 2005


For the new year


- Fast fiction piece every Friday. Sign up for mailing list.
    Receive weekly 'fast fiction' e-mails containing my short stories (usually 300-500 words each w/ 160x160 pixel photo attachment). Ideal for cellphones/futurephones/smartphones.

- Cellphone/futurephone/smartphone sketchbook mailing list.
    Sketchbook entries e-mailed to your mobile phone. Coming soon.

- Cellphone/futurephone/smartphone daily comic strip.
    Still working out the technical aspects of this.

- Podcast of original music posted to my livejournal.

- BitTorrent.



INRI discussion list up and running

Open discussion list covering topics related to the on-going INRI project. Pretty much anything is fair game.

You own your own words. List archives will be maintained and distributed freely on the Internet -- perhaps in perpetuity -- but no claim is made by Stanley Lieber on the content of any post not made by himself.

Say what you want -- but remember that nothing ever really goes away on the Internet. I'm still getting calls about a resume from 1997.